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A real indoor-outdoor feeling with the convertible roof

A convertible roof for your padel court is unique and special in the Netherlands. Preferably, you always play outside, but especially in the Netherlands, as a padeller you are at the mercy of the vagaries of the seasons. Under a convertible roof, you can play dry paddle all year round while still being outside! That way, your padel court rentals can always go on and you don’t have to look for alternatives.


Outdoor sports as soon as you can, dry sports if you have to!

The facades of the convertible roof can be opened or closed within 3 minutes. So you’ll be covered and protected from wind and weather in no time. You can also create a shade hall in the summer and insulate the space well against heat. With the convertible roof, we haven’t reinvented the wheel. We combined Nobutec’s specialization in special construction and fencing with our expertise in gaming.

Applying waterproof screen cloths keeps out the sharpness of the sun and rain. This without losing too much daylight. Are the weather conditions optimal? Then everything can be opened and you play all the way outside. In addition, it is an option to cover the lower part of the facade with gable cloths, this way you have the possibility to close off all or part of the padel court. This allows you to reduce the influence of wind and environmental nuisance.

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Why choose a Convertible roof?

  • Outdoor sports if you can, dry sports if you have to.
  • Facades that can open and close within 3 minutes
  • Low maintenance
  • Modular system, expansion is always possible.
  • Possibility of turning it into a shade hall in summer.
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