Standard roof

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A dense roof that can be easily combined with screen cloths, which further insulate the space and dampen sound. This roof is the answer to the noise problem. It also offers the option of vents to regulate the temperature inside.

The standard roof is not really that standard with us!

Our standard roof for padel courts offers numerous advantages. This roof is a solid option with numerous possibilities. For example, ventilation windows can be integrated, and the roof can be combined with screen cloths in different colors and materials. With the added pluses of continuous rentals, classes always going on, and even a bar yield during rainy days.

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Why choose this roof?

  • Solid roof made of polycarbonate sheets
  • Possibility of vents that can be operated automatically
  • Can be combined with net curtains, which take away more light and insulate the room in different colors and materials
  • The answer to noise issues
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