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We have developed a convenient digital service form that allows you to quickly and efficiently submit a maintenance request. Once you submit the form, you will automatically receive an email acknowledgement of receipt. PDNL always contacts you by phone first to fully understand what the question is or what needs to be done.

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    Regular maintenance

    Our aluminum padel courts are low maintenance, but for optimal playing enjoyment the courts require minimal in-house maintenance.

    Own maintenance involves daily and weekly maintenance. For optimal playing enjoyment, the fields should be blown clean immediately and the infill should be well distributed using a pull mat. We recommend replenishing the infill weekly. In most cases, the padel court and cage needs a thorough maintenance every year, in addition to service contracts, we also offer maintenance on demand. Contact us today for more information and an appointment.

    Service contracts

    PDNL’s padel courts require minimal maintenance due to the choice of materials. But to ensure that your padel court always looks its best and is safe, regular maintenance is critical. Keep your padel courts in top condition with our maintenance program.

    Discover our flexible maintenance contracts and enjoy your padel courts worry-free. We offer several contract options, from annual maintenance to comprehensive multi-year contracts, we adapt to your needs. Our experienced maintenance technicians provide thorough inspections, repairs and cleaning, keeping your jobs in top condition at all times. With our expertise and dedication, you can concentrate on the game while we take care of the maintenance. Contact us today to discuss the perfect maintenance solution for your padel courts. Padel Nederland is ready to relieve you and guarantee long term playing pleasure.

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