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Annual or -if desired- semi-annual major maintenance, goes hand in hand with regular or weekly maintenance. For the regular maintenance of padel courts, we provide a convenient schedule so you can facilitate and track this yourself. For major maintenance, we are happy to visit you at an agreed time.

You can think of major maintenance as an annual “MOT” of the cage and grass. During this inspection, we check the court safety, usage quality, do an annual court condition measurement, remove organic material from the mat and decompact the entire playing fields. We will then make sure the jobs are made available to you again in optima forma. Any repairs, of course, we also carry out immediately (by agreement) and waste/clutter we take away neatly!

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Padel courts are relatively compact and can be built on a variety of terrain, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Why major maintenance by Padel Nederland?

We know our courts like the inside of our pockets and by now know very well what our cages and turf like and don’t like. We have our own service van driving around with all materials for major maintenance and all types of repairs, so we can more than live up to our warranty promise. We have a proud team that maintains with passion. Every padel court we install is never entirely the customer’s! Is the court not installed by Padel Netherlands? No problem, we do major maintenance on other jobs too!

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Discover our flexible maintenance contracts and enjoy your padel courts worry-free. Padel Nederland offers different contract options, we adapt to your needs. Our experienced maintenance technicians provide thorough inspections, repairs and cleaning, keeping your jobs in top condition at all times.

Contact us today to discuss the perfect maintenance solution for your padel courts. Padel Nederland is ready to unburden you and guarantee long-term playing pleasure.

Discover the colorful Padel Nederland service bus with its own glass robot.

The super fast solution for broken windows! With our 48-hour service guarantee, we’ll replace your damaged window in no time. The bus is also on standby for repairs to and replacement of other parts of the padel court. Whether you’re a customer or a concierge, we’re here for you. Call us and we will come to you with our fully equipped bus. Will you spot our service bus? Share it via socials and win a free Padel racket!

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