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The New Standard in Padel

The Standard padel court is the entry-level model of our cage line. This is an aluminum cage construction, within which the mesh panels are locked into the profile with clamping strips. These clamping strips reduce noise. It is even possible to build the track for a short period of time and then move it. Super fun for events!

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The cage to improve your technique!

The single padel court is virtually the same as the standard cage, but is 4 meters narrower. So you can play padel even with 2 people. For disabled people, this narrower cage is also often the better choice to fully enjoy the game!

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Starlight puts your club in the spotlight!

Padel Nederland also offers another beautiful Panorama ‘Starlight’ cage. This cage elegantly features waterproof LED lighting that can be controlled by remote control. The cage can also be provided with “back member” logos in the corner profiles. This way you can highlight the sponsors or put your own club in the spotlight!

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The Panorama course gives you unique lighting and experience!

Panorama means “wide view” and that – not coincidentally so – is exactly what is achieved with this cage. Spectators can follow the game better because the Panorama cage is made entirely of glass on both ends! It (almost) doesn’t get more beautiful! This cage is also constructed from aluminum and, like all our other cages, assembled with stainless steel (SS) materials.

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The Panorama runway on wheels!

Okay, not really on wheels, but can be assembled and disassembled by us in two days! Super suitable for an event or a playful padel tournament in the market square of your town or village. We can place the mobile cage without causing damage to the existing subsoil, eliminating show stoppers, for example, monument conservation or archaeological subsoil. So one of our winged sayings “Go with that job” is especially applicable to our mobile cage.

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