Mobile Padel court

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The Panorama runway on wheels!

Okay, not really on wheels, but this mobile padel court can be assembled and disassembled by us in two days! Super suitable for an event or a playful padel tournament in the market square of your town or village. We can place the mobile cage without causing damage to the existing subsoil, eliminating show stoppers, for example, monument conservation or archaeological subsoil. So one of our winged sayings “Go with that job” is already completely applicable to this unique cage.

The mobile Padel court offers unique opportunities!

The city council or city administration wants to attract attention. What could be better than a pop-up padel cage? For example, for an outdoor marketplace event where everyone is invited to learn about the various sports and recreational opportunities in the region, while enjoying food trucks, sports demonstrations and the opportunity to stand in a padel cage yourself! Padel is for young and old, all focks of life who are interested in a healthy and active lifestyle (secretly, of course, just anyone!).

We create a substrate of specially designed rubber tiles or a sand layer (depending on desire or substrate flatness). On this will be thick steel plates on which we can anchor the mobile cage. Before you know it, the cage is assembled, we are laying the artificial turf and connecting the game lights and Starlight lights. This is going to be unforgettable, especially once dusk begins to fall!

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