Panoramic Padel court

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Panorama means “wide view” and that -not coincidentally so- is exactly what is achieved with this cage. Spectators can follow the game better because the Panorama padel court is made entirely of glass on both ends! It (almost) doesn’t get more beautiful! This cage is also constructed from aluminum and, like all our other cages, assembled with stainless steel (SS) materials.

The Panorama Padel Course

Be able to watch the game from the clubhouse? A stand (wish) or just because it’s super beautiful? With the purchase of a Panorama cage, you put up the most beautiful cage. The two profiled ends of the course give a unique view for spectators and a clear view for players. Padel Nederland naturally thinks along with the positioning of the cage/cages and guides the entire process, from design to KIWA-certified padel courts.

Padel Nederland also offers another beautiful Panorama ‘Starlight’ cage. This cage elegantly features waterproof LED lighting that can be controlled by remote control. The cage can also be provided with “back member” logos in the corner profiles. Read more about the Panorama Starlight course on the dedicated page.

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