Single Padel court

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The single padel court is almost the same as the standard cage, but 4 meters narrower. So you can play padel even with 2 people. For disabled people, this narrower cage is also often the better choice to fully enjoy the game!

Did you know that the single cage is gaining ground? Through the well-known booking options, single jobs are increasingly being chosen.

The Single track is perfect for challenging yourself!

The Single Padel court at Padel Nederland is composed with high quality materials and offers a clear playing environment. With its perfect dimensions and optimal lines, the course allows you to get the best out of your game. Whether you are looking for an intense training session or want to have fun together, the Single Padel court offers everything you need. All of PDNL’s cages are designed with safety and comfort in mind so you can fully concentrate on your game.

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