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The distributor of aluminum padel cages. We accompany the entire project, from idea to toasting together next to paella made by our own Spanish Gerrit. Discover our endless possibilities, limitless creativity, for unlimited fun.


Why Padel Nederland?

  • Durable and Modular Padel Courts
  • Fast delivery, most popular jobs and colors are in stock
  • 15-year warranty
  • An experienced team for personal advice in putting together your perfect job
  • The supplier of aluminum padel cages
  • Ongoing service support

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About Padel Netherlands

KIWA and KNLTB certified courts with a 15-year warranty. We choose aluminum cages instead of. steel, which makes the cage easy to maintain and éxtra suitable for expansion.

Mission and vision

We believe in the power of Padel. Our mission is to make this wonderful sport known to a wide audience in the Netherlands. As a major player in the padel community, we stand for reliability, expertise and creativity.

When we saw how popular padel is in Spain, we were convinced that this sport could also become a success in the Netherlands. Gerrit was already an avid player and saw an opportunity to introduce Padel to the Netherlands.

To make this possible, we looked for suppliers in Spain. At manufacturer Serena, he was inspired by the beautiful aluminum tracks and stainless steel mounting hardware. This was a big problem with classic padel courts, so we found aluminum to be the solution.

Our mission is to share our passion for Padel and ensure that people can enjoy this fantastic sport on high-quality, durable and resilient aluminum cages and courts.

Our Team

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Gerrit Garcia del Rio

Marco Geerartz

Sudish Khedoe

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