Partners of Padel Netherlands



Serena Padel Courts

Padel Nederland has an exclusive partnership with “Serena Padel,” an international company distinguished by quality, innovation and development of new aluminum assembly systems. This company is part of Aluminios La Serena SA, manufacturer of aluminum.

Tennis Construction Netherlands

Tennisbouw Nederland B.V. is a real family business with Harry Pluim as management and your contact regarding construction and renovation of tennis courts, his daughter Majella Pluim is present in the office to keep everything running smoothly administratively, she also takes care of the sale of furnishing materials for various types of sports fields.


Nobutec is a special builder from the horticulture industry, they build garden centers, special projects and Solar projects. By combining this expertise of Nobutec in special construction and fencing with our knowledge of the court and the game, together we have developed beautiful canopies.

Alsemgeest Screen Installations

With more than 25 years of experience, Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties B.V. is a reliable partner in the field of screen installations. Alsemgeest was the first in the Netherlands to design a roof that opens and closes. These screens are used for the convertible canopy.

KIWA certifications

Padel Nederland is certified by KIWA on the quality of our products, services and personnel. In it, we check for compliance with all relevant laws and regulations regarding safety, efficiency, control and sustainability.

BrightView Media

Padel Nederland is working with Brightview Media to capture the projects. This is a small-scale media house for creative and dynamic visualizations. BrightView works with a wide range of the latest technology in drones, film cameras, still cameras, and sound recordings. From wish-fulfillment to channel-aware (video) content, you’ve come to the professional place at BrightView!

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